About Us

The owners of Fitness54, J.D. and Varner Holmes, started in the health club business in 1989 with a facility called Club Peachtree Fitness Center.   It was a small place in 3600 square feet of a strip mall, but it ourgrew that location very quickly; and by 1993 J.D. and Varner had built a brand new 20,000 square-foot building, complete with swimming pool and racquetball courts. 

One of the reasons for their meteoric success was that Club Peachtree introduced then-novel “Pay-by-the-Month” memberships to Fayette County, thus protecting the members from losing money should the gym close. 

They also personally made sure Club Peachtree was a clean, well-equipped facility, with friendly, helpful staff.  J.D. and Varner will see that Fitness54 members enjoy these same fundamental promises.  And they are innovating again with their low-price, no-commitment memberships in a newly-remodeled facility.