Class (Instructor)

Monday8:15 AM
Studio YOGA (Tonika)

9:00AMAqua Blast (Annette)

10:00 AM
Aqua Pilates (Annette)

6:00 PM
Studio Zumba (Tamie) 
9:30 AM
Aqua Arthritis (Marla)

10:30 AM
Aqua Fit (Tonika)

5:30 PM
Aqua Fit/Zumba (Annette) 
8:00 AMStudio Pilates (Annette)

9:00  AM
Studio Barre (Annette)

Studio Dance Fusion (Tonika)

10:15 AMAqua Zumba (1st&3rd wk); Blast (2nd&4th wk) (Annette)

6:00 PM

Studio KickBoxing/Tai Chi (Billy)
8:30 AM
Aqua Zumba (Annette)

9:30 AM
Aqua Arthritis (Marla)

5:30 PM
Aqua Fit (Annette)

6:00 PMStudio Zumba (Tamie) 

6:30 PM
Aqua Pilates (Annette)
Friday8:00 AMStudio Pilates (Annette)

9:00 AMAqua Zumba (Annette)

Aqua Fit (Annette)
8:45 AMAqua Blast (Annette)

10:15 AMStudio Yoga (Charmaine)


​​Aqua Classes in BLUE. ​Studio in PURPLE.

*RESERVATIONS NEEDED: Due to the popularity of some classes, it is necessary to reserve your place in some classes. Call 770-487-5454 to reserve your spot one day prior to the class.  You may only reserve your own spot.  NOTE:  All members taking classes must be VIP-level members.  If you are not, please upgrade at Front Desk


AQUA ZUMBA: Philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines, and blends it all together in an awesome workout that is cardio conditioning, body toning, & exhilarating beyond belief.

AQUA FIT: Experience a higher impact workout focusing on cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, & flexibility.  Using a variety of equipment gets your heart rate up & burns calories.

ARTHRITIS: Suitable for every fitness level.  This class begins with a 7 - 10 minute warm-up followed by aerobic exercises, and strength & flexibility training with the option to use provided equipment. Ending with 5 - 10 minutes of stretching and relaxation.  These exercises promote full range of motion for all major muscle groups and joints.  Especially beneficial for everyone, not just limited to those suffering from Arthritis.
AQUA BLAST: Fun, high-intensity workout.  Includes both cardiovascular conditioning & total body toning.

AQUA PILATES: Promotes increased flexibility, dynamic stretches, core stabilization, improved balance, strength & postural alignment.


DANCE FUSION:  Fuses a variety of dance styles & techniques for a total body workout. Includes basic dance skills & technique with creative choreography, and is safe and fun for all fitness levels.

PILATES:​  Promotes increased flexibility, dynamic stretches, core stabilization, improved balance, strength & postural alignment.

ZUMBA:  Philosophy with traditional fitness disciplines, and blends it all together in an awesome workout that is cardio conditioning, body toning; & exhilarating beyond belief!


​    For VIP-level Members